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EME Certificate Stands for Exempt Micro Enterprise Certificate

Any business with an annual turn over of less than R5mill pa qualifies as an Exempted company in accordance with the BBBEE Act.

An EME certificate is recognised as proof of exemption status by all large companies as well as government establishments.

An EME certificate is also valid for 12 months meaning you do not need to get a letter every time it is requested by Suppliers.

Large companies are encouraged to spend with small business, so by getting your EME certificate you guarantee making yourself a lot more competitive.

By having an EME certificate you can assist your main customers in optimizing their BEE scorecard.

With an EME certificate you carry a BEE recognition level of 100%

The BEE codes are all about creating employment.

Therefore if your wages added to your NPBT exceeds 25% of your turn over you will qualify as a Value added supplier.

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