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 From 1 May 2011 the 2008 Companies Act came into effect. From this date you can only Register a New Private Company – you cannot register an New CC anymore. 

How to Register Private Company number online and what are the costs 

Register a Private Company (Pty) Ltd from only R450: 




Step 1

Complete and submit the ‘Register a Private Company’ form. 

You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions and details on further actions to take to Register a Private Company

Step 2

You will also receive an invoice and as soon as we receive proof of payment, your company names will be submitted for reservation. The first available name will be reserved by the Companies Commission and will be used to Register your Private Company. You will receive notification on whether you name reservation was successful. With a successful Name Reservation, the registration process will commence. 

Step 3

We will send you documents that need to be signed after which you can post these documents to CIPC to finalize the Registration of your Private Company

How long does it take to Register a Private Company?

This all depends on the workload and timeline at the Companies Commission. All company registration applications are processed on a fist come first serve basis. I would also suggest you post your documents via registered mail, so that you have a tracking number for your documents. This will speed up the process. 

Can a foreigner be a director of a company? Yes, any foreigner can be a director of a company in South Africa. The information required for a foreigner to be a director of a company will be send to you once the business name has been submitted for reservation. An affidavit must be done at any police station in South Africa. It is also a requirement that the registered address of the company be in South Africa. 

Are there any other costs involved to Register a Private Company

No Additional costs will be charged if all documents are received timeously and in the format as prescribed.

* RE: NAME RESERVATION – if your first name reservation is not successful, there is an additional fee of R75 to be paid to reserve another name. 

How long will my name reservation take? 

Generally this only takes a day or two depending on the workload at the Companies Commission (CIPC). You will receive an email regarding the outcome of your Name Reservation. 

How do I Choose a Name for my New Private Company?

When Registering a New Private Company, the first decision you make would be the choice of the name of your Private Company. The name of your Private Company is very important as this will be the first thing that most of your customers will see. A good name will identify your product/service AND will be easy to remember. 

Avoid the following top 10 mistakes when choosing and reserving a name for your New Private Company:

  1. Spelling mistakes – this is the most common mistake most people make. Make sure that all the words in the name you wish to reserve is spelled correctly.
  2. Providing less than 4 name choices on your application form – a big number of New Private Companies are registered each day – therefor it is very important to supply 4 names when reserving a name.
  3. Not adding a description to your name (This is important – see example below)
  4. Naming your company for example ABC. This is not descriptive enough. Rather use “ABC Stationary” or something similar.
  5. Naming your company ACZWE Supplies or anything generic such a that no one will remember easily.
  6. Don’t give your company a long name that no one will remember.
  7. Don’t call your New Private Company Micro Computers or Fords Auto Repairs or you could end up in legal trouble. Also stay away from Trade Marks when you want to Register a New Private Company!
  8. Don’t use the words Holdings or Group, unless you can actually proove that you are part of a group as this is a requirement.
  9. Don’t use words such as “International” unless you specify import, export or international trade in your description.
  10. Don’t use the word “Enterprise”, if you do – qualify this with what you are going to do. (See example below)
Example of a successfully company names submission application (Use a business description with your company name when reserving a name for your New Private Company) 

1. Gagoboima Engineering 

2. Gagoboima and Sons Engineering 

3. Gagoboima and Associates Engineering Services 

4. Gagoboima and Associates Engineering & Maintenance Services 

Do you Register a New Private Company nationally? 

Yes, we can assist you with your application no matter where you are situated in South Africa. Just follow the company registration process. Final registration documents will be emailed to you. 

This can then be used to open bank accounts and to apply for TAX, VAT PAYE, UIF, BEE EME Certificates, etc. 

 The New Private Company Registration includes Company name reservation and free share certificates. 

 Memorandum of Incorporation : Short standard form for private companies used.


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