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create company profile online

Create Company Profile Online

A company profile is the official introduction of a business and should contain the following:
  • Your company name
  • Contact details of your company including contact numbers, fax number, email addresses, physical address, postal address and website
  • Administration personnel information
  • Accountants/Auditors/Bookkeeper and Banker information
  • Company Background:
    • “About us” – include a short, concise history of your company
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      Provide a brief description of your company in your Company Profile. The opening paragraphs should introduce what you do and where. From this section the reader must be convinced of the uniqeness of the business and gain a clear idea of the market in which the company will operate.
    • Main functions of your company
  • Strategy and vision
    • Vision Statement
    • Mission Statement
    • Business values, goals, objectives and target market
    • Growth Strategy
  • Products and services
  • Management and ownership information
  • List of projects your company has been involved in
  • It is also a good Idea to add some financial information.
If you are planning to use your Company Profile for tender purposes, you should include the following in your Company Profile when you create Company Profile:
  • Proof that your company:
    • Is able to deliver – on time, on budget and according to specifications (references from companies that your company has supplied/done business with)
    • Is up to date with its taxes (Tax Clearance Certificate)
    • Pays its bills on time (Clean Credit Record)
    • Has the required cash-flow and other resources to complete the contract (Include financial statements)
    • Is pro-active, actively looking for business opportunities
    • Is able to deliver goods or services of consistent quality (supply samples if needed)
    • Has qualified employees (mention your employees’ qualifications)
    • Has, or can acquire, the right equipment, clothing and accessories to complete the tender
    • Has registered its employees with the Department of Labour (UIF, Skills Development Levy, Workmen’s Compensation etc.); and
    • Has products that complies with SABS standards

Create Company Profile Online @ R250

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